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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Time for some Shopping :)

One of the best things about having a craft website is being able to admire all the fab products that other people have made and listed - I have such a big list of wants already LOL!

So far there are 12 shops which have been created on the site and lots of individual listings too - almost 200 items are listed for sale which is just brilliant to see :)

There are 5 featured shops as you can see from the pic above! After having a look through their listings over the past few days i think i have come up with some favourites which i thought i would share :)

The Craftee Panther has a great range of keyring and handbag charms, all of which are very unique.  I love the seasons handbag charms with their multi coloured themes which relate to the 4 seasons of summer, spring, autumn and winter.  Typical for me as an earth sign my favourite of the 4 has to be the Silver Plated Bag Charm 'Autumn'  .  I just love the colours on this charm and already have a handbag that it would suit :)

Novelty Party Chocolates has just a few items added so far, but they are all chocolate so i can't possibly decide on a favourite........LOL!

That said it is impossible to see the White Chocolate Wedding Dress without admiring the detail on this and imagining it as a perfect wedding favour :)

It matches perfectly with the White Chocolate Tuxedo of course to make the full set :)

Funky Junk Crafts is my own shop so i don't need to pick a favourite from that one hahahaha!

Jellypoppy on the other hand has lots of amazing products to choose from......Described as  "Home of Flannellymooz, Forget-Me-Bags, Me-Keys and other gifts guaranteed to raise a smile". it just makes me smile before i even get to look at the products :).  When i look and see fairies, dreams necklaces, charms and wishes i just get lost in a whole other world! I have already bought some items from Jellypoppy as i just couldn't resist the Smelly Noseys which i got personalised in my favourite purple and orange combination and a bag tag with Live, Love Laugh also in my infamous colour combo :)

Friesian Crafts is the last of the featured shops on the site so far, and there is only 1 item listed in this shop at the minute....... The Mobile Phone Jack is also hard to resist with the cutest little owls on it as you can see :) - I know Friesian Crafts products rather well already i have to admit, and am the proud owner of one of her brilliant polymer clay keyrings :) No doubt she will be adding more products very soon which i will also want to buy hahaha! 

Well that is my little shopping trip done for today - There will be many more, I assure you :) I have the rest of the shops and the individual listings to check out yet and i won't be able to resist for long!! I hope you enjoyed accompanying me on my wee shopping trip round the site this evening - i hope you will invite me to yours :) 


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