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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Progress So Far

Well it has been exactly 2 weeks since my last post, and the website Craft Fair Central has gone from strength to strength.  I have made a considerable amount of additions to it, and the site is no longer 'just' a craft fair calendar.  I have huge visions for the website and i am glad to say they are starting to come together :)

The main changes i have introduced include the addition of some extra calendars - there are now individual craft fair calendars for Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and England.  The dates added to these are building up slowly but it is certainly starting to be 'the' place to go to check when fairs are happening :) I have started to get messages from people saying they were told I was the person to contact about fair dates! Hopefully this will soon change to the website is the place to check these :)

I have also added a workshops and classes calendar - Again this has started to be used and i have seen other people directing people there to add their classes which i was delighted to see!

To increase the amount of resources on the site I have now added a tutorials section too - i have a few people submitting tutorials to be included now as well - i love the fact i can help to promote people i am in contact with on this section.  I will add some found tutorials as well as there are some really great ones out there :)

The selling section of the website is also growing now on a daily basis - we now have over 150 items listed for sale and 58 registered users.  There have been a few sales made on the site as well which is probably due to the amount of visitors we are getting:

The average number of visitors is sitting at around 100+ per day - i am so pleased to have this level of traffic already!! Of course i have been doing A LOT of promoting which does have something to do with it ;) 

We are getting people from all over the world as well:

All in all the site is well on target for where i want it to be.  I am working hard on it but i am enjoying seeing it grow into something useful for others.  Hopefully it is also turning into something that will become a viable business venture for me.  


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