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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Some very interesting responses!

Well I have to say there have been some very interesting responses to my past few blog posts Is a Like Enough and An Explanation of the Problem with Hiked 'Likes'.....Its a shame they aren't all on the blog comments but to help facilitate a balanced view i will add a copy of them here (facebook is a public arena so copying the comments on here is allowed). 

These are the comments from The Fabulous Craft Fair Page

and these comments are from a group i belong to:

Personally i find these comments make some very good points and help to raise awareness of things to look out for and some actions that can be taken. I am currently looking into what steps we can take to improve page visibility and reach etc.

Interesting that the stats on my own page have changed over the past few days since i changed my own approach: 

First a reminder of yesterdays stats:

This was taken this morning: 

This was taken this evening:

As you can see the weekly total reach stat has changed dramatically and is very much improved since yesterday.  I have made some major changes in how i am interacting on my page and with other pages as well.  I have also not been involved in any hiking activities whatsoever.  

I will be continuing to monitor my page stats and activities for a few more days before i share additional information on what changes i have made as i want to make sure the improvement is a consistent one.  

I hope this post has given you some more food for thought - as always i am happy to receive any comments.


  1. Hi, a short comment about my experience, very similar to yours, but figures change completely after a Sunday at the market, previous two days and following two days, the weekly total reach goes up in hundreds, :) the rest of the week, just goes down again in hundreds of course. This is happening since I started to trade every Sunday.
    i was trying to post every week, before to go to the market, with offers, but last week I didn't, was too busy with so much work. I found that Facebook likes is demanding too much of my time, in my experience the market gives me more visitors to my page.


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