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Monday, 24 September 2012

Whats New?

As usual the world of Craft Fair Central has been moving at a mighty pace and despite my best intentions of blogging all the news as it happens i just haven't had a chance!! So here is a quick update :)

Site Stats

We now have 104 registered users and 26 active shops on the selling section of the website! Todays total number of items listed is 329 :)

There have been 6 items sold and a whopping 2029 visits to the sellers shop section in the past week!!!!

Whew! How fab is that?

New Features

Over the past few weeks i have been working hard on increasing that magic number of visitors to the site and  have introduced a range of features/events to help do this.  So far this month i have:

Introduced a new monthly 1p auction.  There are some brilliant items listed in this section already and i know there are more to be added as well.  I am sure this will prove extremely popular with buyers and sellers alike!

A few days ago I added a Halloween Themed Fair Section  - there are some spookily fab items listed in there already :) and at the same time i added a Christmas Themed Fair Section as well.  To list in either of these sections is just 10p per item - considering there are pages on Facebook charging £1+ for just a couple of items without any of the added benefits we can offer this is another bargain offer from Craft Fair Central.


As most of you know already i do a lot of promotion of products on the website and this month has been no exception.  I have added most of the listed items to folders on the Fabulous Online Craft Fairs Facebook Page and i continue to add them with their full links so people can buy direct from the page now as well.  I have also started a weekly craft fair on this page every Saturday, and now have just added a themed product share option as well :)

I have opened a couple of new groups on facebook too:

Simply Fabulous Crafts Group which is only for buying and selling items from the website.  I am working on adding all the items to this group at the minute, but everyone can also add their own items of course :)

Fabulous Online Craft Fairs - We Work for Your Business Group which is for members of the website and is aimed at helping each other with issues, ideas and sharing general useful info.  In this group we have started a promotion pool for example where we all help to promote each others businesses :)

I also share all the items to Twitter, Pinterest and now to Flickr when i can squeeze in the time :)

More Exciting Developments

We currently have 2 new Artist Show Case Pages  under development, which should be ready to go live very shortly :)

We also have a new Featured Websites Section  where we are proud to have added our great craft buddies and partners in cyberspace The Handcrafters Emporium!

The Tutorials Section has seen a few new additions (though i do have more to add yet as soon as i can), and we have made a start on adding links to our new Patterns Section as well!

Just a few things have been happening then as you can see LOL!!!!! The website and all the social media groups are growing daily and i am just delighted to be able to see it all blossoming so well! My health continues to be a challenge to me, but being involved in all of this is definitely giving me a new lease of life! What is yet to come is a mystery to me as well as all the members and followers, but no doubt it will be fun :)

Thanks to all of you, for your support, encouragement and indeed with putting up with my creative chaos ;)


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